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Falke Barmou

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Works Yaama Mosque, at Tahoua, Niger, 1962 to 1982.

Biography Falke Barmou

A master mason.

"When reached Yaama itself, I met the architect, El Hadj Abou Moussa, a student of the highly dignified, respected, and award winning Falke Barmou. The three of us sat in the village square outside the Friday Mosque next to the stall Barmou looks after, in his retirement, for a nephew who works in the fields. The stall consisted of a cloth laid on the ground and set out with various items for sale totaling in value probably no more than a few dollars. I heard how a group of younger architects, all Balmou's protégés, were now building extensively in the locality combining traditional Hausa styles with innovations of their own. I asked Barmouu where he had obtained the skills and inspiration necessary for him to build the Friday Mosque, for which he had received an award from the Aga Khan. He told me they came one night in a dream from God."

— James Morris and Suzanne Preston Blier. Butabu: Adobe Architecture of West Africa.

Resources Sources on Falke Barmou

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James Morris and Suzanne Preston Blier. Butabu: Adobe Architecture of West Africa. Princeton Architectural Press.


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