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Giancarlo de Carlo

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Works Free University, at Urbino, Italy, 1980 (circa).

Biography Giancarlo de Carlo

(b. Genoa, Italy 1919)

Giancarlo de Carlo was born in Genoa, Italy in 1919. He trained in Italy as an architect from 1942 to 1949, a time of political turmoil which generated his philosophy toward life and architecture. Libertarian socialism is the underlying force for all of his planning and design.

De Carlo sees architecture as a consensus activity. He generates his designs from the inherent conflict that occurs in the site and historical context of architecture. His ideas link CIAM ideals with late twentieth century reality.

Although his political beliefs have limited his portfolio of buildings, his ideas have remained untainted by 'Post-Modernist' beliefs through his journal Spazio e Societa and through his class on the International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design (ILAUD), as well as through the support of his Team 10 colleagues.

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