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Gregory Ain

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, Los Angeles, California, 1936  
, Los Angeles, California, 1937  
Byler House, Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, California, 1937
Dunsmuir Flats, at Los Angeles, California, 1937-1939.  * 3D Model *
Brownfield Medical Building, Los Angeles, California, 1938
, Los Angeles, California, 1938  
First Kun House, West Hollywood, California, 1938
, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 1939  
Hay House, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, 1939
Tierman House, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 1939
Vorkapich Garden House, Beverly Hills, California, 1939
Ain House, West Hollywood, California, 1941
Orans House, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 1941
Park Planned Homes, Altadena, California, 1946
Mar Vista Housing Development, Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California, , 1947-1948
Avenel Housing Group, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 1948
Hollywood Guilds and Unions Office Building, Los Angeles, California, 1948
Miller House, Beverly Hills, California, 1948
Community Homes, Reseda, Los Angeles, California, 1948
Schairer House, Los Angeles, California, 1949
Beckman House, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, 1950
Hurschler House, Pasadena, California, 1950
MOMA Exhibition House, New York City, 1950
Second Kun House, West Hollywood, California, 1950
Second Anselem Ernst Residence, San Diego, California, 1962-1963

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Biography Gregory Ain

(b. March 28, 1908; d. January 9, 1988) "Gregory Ain was an American architect active in the mid-20th century. Working primarily in the Los Angeles area, Ain is best known for bringing elements of modernism to lower- and medium-cost housing.

"Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1908, Ain attended the University of Southern California School of Architecture in 192728. After finishing his studies, he worked for Rudolf Schindler and Richard Neutra, where his mixed feelings about his Beaux Arts training at USC took further root as he developed a largely modernist architectural vocabulary.

"Working on his own commissions from 1935 forward, Ain's first built projects, the Charles Edwards Residence and the first Anselem Ernst House, reflect Schindler's influence strongly. Ain's best-known effort, Dunsmuir Flats, designed in 1937, brought in Neutra's influence in greater measure, but also displayed Ain's own ideas, limiting building costs while combining both privacy and exterior light. With his public stature increasing significantly, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1940, allowing him to focus on efforts that led to larger projects at the end of World War II, including Park Planned Homes, the Mar Vista Housing Development, and the Avenel Housing Project.

"From 1963 to 1967, Ain served as the Dean of the Pennsylvania State University School of Architecture. He died in 1988." —

Resources Sources on Gregory Ain

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