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Justus Dahinden

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Works St. Antonius Church, at Wildegg, Switzerland, 1966 to 1969.

Biography Justus Dahinden

(b. Zurich, Switzerland 1925)

Justus Dahinden was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1925. Dahinden decided very early in life to be an architect. His studies of Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi stimulated his imagination and enabled him to achieve an ideal balance between radical design and sound method. He graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich with a degree in Architecture in 1949 and received a degree in Science Technology from the same school in 1956.

Dahinden's architectural career was strongly affected by his religious convictions. Indeed, his analyses of religious complexes became the basis of his first theories on urban complexes. Dahinden was also influenced by the avant-garde projects of the Archigram group and by the theories of the Metabolist Group in Japan.

In Dahinden's work on "urbanotopia" he sought an alternative to the dehumanization of the megalopolis. His designs all deal with the articulation of surroundings around a central focal point. His works demonstrate that normally "immobile structures" can be rendered in dynamic, flexible forms that closely relate to and participate in their existing social and urban texture.

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