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Kisho Kurokawa

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Works Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, at Hiroshima, Japan, 1983 to 1984 design, construction 1985 to 1987
Karuizawa House, at Karuizawa, Japan, 1974.
Nagoya City Art Museum, at Nagoya, Japan, 1983 to 1984 design, construction 1985 to 1987.
Pacific Tower, at Paris, France, 1988 to 1989 design, construction 1990 to 1991.
, at Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 2006.   at ArchitectureWeek Sony Tower, at Osaka, Japan, 1972 to 1973 design, construction 1973 to 1976.
Tateshina Planetarium, at Hiroshima City, Japan, 1976.

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Biography Kisho Kurokawa

(b. Aichi Prefecture, Japan 1934)

Kisho Kurokawa was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1934. He graduated from Kyoto University in 1957 and then studied at the Graduate School of Tokyo University under Kenzo Tange.

Early within his career Kurokawa rejected orthodox Modernism and a Western obsession with mechanical analogy. In the 1960s he founded a Japanese avant-garde movement known as the Metabolists to combat this Western Modernism and to propagate a philosophy of radical change. Despite the group's initial success at Expo 70 in Osaka, the group disbanded.

Many of Kurokawa's buildings explore the notion of engawa, the "in between space" where public realm and private space co-exist in harmony. His recent architecture has achieved considerable international acclaim and has secured a series of prestigious commissions. He abhors traditionalism, but feels that the respective cultures of different countries offer the most appropriate response to contemporary malaise.

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Kisho Kurokawa Architects & Associates
11F Aoyama Bldg
1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama
Toyko 107-0061
vox +81-3-3404-3481
fax +81-3-3479-5088

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