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Pier Luigi Nervi

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Works Exhibition Building, Turin, at Turin, Italy, 1948 to 1949.
Palazzo del Lavoro, at Turin, Italy, 1959 to 1961.
Paper Mill at Mantua, at Mantua, Italy, 1961 to 1962.
St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, at San Francisco, California, 1971.

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Biography Pier Luigi Nervi

(b. Sondrio, Lombardy 1891; d. Rome, Italy 1979)

Pier Nervi was born in Sondrio, Lombardy in 1891. He began work as an engineer and contractor in 1923, after training as an engineer at Bologna University. In the 1940s he developed ideas for a reinforced concrete which allowed him to create structures of "strength, simplicity and grace". His services as an engineering consultant were highly sought as a result of his experimentation with structural concrete.

Nervi believed that architecture and engineering were two connected parts of a whole. To produce good buildings, he felt that a knowledge of materials, nature and construction were essential to understanding architecture. His work as a theorist attracted a wide following.

Through his designs, Nervi successfully made reinforced concrete the main structural material of the day. He was awarded Gold Medals by the RIBA, the AIA and the Academi d'Architecture. In the years 1946-61 he was a professor of engineering at Rome University.

Nervi died in Rome in 1979.

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