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Svi Hecker

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Biography Svi Hecker

(b. Cracow, Poland 1931)

Zvi Hecker was born in Cracow, Poland in 1931. He studied at the Polytechnic School of Architecture in Cracow for one year before he emigrated to Israel in 1950. He graduated from the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa in 1954 and from the Avni Academy. He established a private practice in 1959, working first with Eldar Sharon and then Alfred Neumann. He has taught worldwide as a visiting professor.

Hecker uses the crystalline geometry of nature as a metaphor for his projects. From his studies in crystallography he developed a means for organizing his architecture. Using the crystalline analogy, Hecker employs extremely flexible close-packing systems in order to develop an architecture responsive to the needs of his time. Since the early 1960s he has been exploring spiral forms, organizing them around a central courtyard with shifted floors surrounded by circular walls.

Hecker likes startling contrasts. Although his design process and his use of repetitive elements are all common to modern architecture, he designs with unique forms. His three-dimensional components with their two-dimensional planning grids generate 'brilliantly utilitarian' responses to the mandates of the modern movement.

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