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Architect Greene and Greene
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Location Carmel Highlands, California   map
Date 1918   timeline
Building Type house
 Construction System native stone
Climate mild temperate
Context waterfront, ocean coast, cliffs
Style Arts and Crafts
Notes Romanitically sited on cliffs above sea






Plan Drawing

Discussion D. L. James House Commentary

"The most creative and ambitious work of Charles Greene's late career and the most significant structure outside of the Greenes' wooden bungalows, the James house is a monument unique in this country. The stone structure seems to have grown out of its site atop the rocky cliffs south of Carmel. At places it is difficult to ascertain just where nature's rock has ended and man's masonry genius has begun."

— Randell L. Makinson. Greene & Greene: Architecture as a Fine Art. p222.

"The material of which it is constructed is practically the same rock as that upon which it is built. The long narrow pieces of this stone have been cut into horizontal fissures by very deeply struck joints of uneven width. This gives the same general worn-by-age appearance as that of the cliffs. The color aspect of the stonework is saved from sameness by a tile roof of a delightfully faded old rose color—and the tiles are distributed around in just the right proportions, some on top of the chimneys and other bits elsewhere, so as to form a proper color balance."

— Elmer Grey from Janann Strand. A Greene & Greene Guide. p31.

The Creator's Words

"Finally in 1952 the American Institute of Architects presented the bothers with a citation in which they were called: 'Formulators of a new and native architecture.'

'...your gifts have now multiplied and spread to all parts of the nation, and are recognized throughout the world, influencing and improving the design of small as well as great houses. You enriched the lives of the people. You have made California synonymous with simpler, freer, and more abundant living. You have helped shape our distinctly national architecture, and in giving tangible form to the ideals of our people, your names will be forever remembered among the creative Americans.'

'In my day,' said Henry in his speech of acceptance, 'you could proceed to do a job and carry it out completely. We didn't need to have inspections. A craftsman's work was his reputation.' "

— from Esther McCoy. Five California Architects. p146.

Sources on D. L. James House

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