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Architect Rudolf M. Schindler
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Location West Hollywood, California   map
Date 1921 to 1922   timeline
Building Type architect's house and studio
 Construction System concrete masonry, wood
Climate mild, dry
Context coastal, suburban
Style Modern
Notes An early modern house responding to the southern California climate.


Photo, exterior

Photo, interior


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Discussion Kings Road House Commentary

"Rudolf M. Schindler's Studio-Residence was the first modern house to respond to the unique climate of California, and as such it served as the prototype for a distinctly Californian style of design. From 1922 until his death in 1953, the building functioned as both his house and studio. During this 30 year period, Schindler designed the houses and small commercial buildings that today are considered landmarks of the modern movement.

"In his own house, Schindler expressed his philosophy about structure and materials most clearly, but the entire site demonstrates his exploration of the relationship of space, light, and form."

— Kathryn Smith. brochure.

The Creator's Words

"The sense for the perception of architecture is not the eyes — but living. Our life is its image."

— Rudolph M. Schindler. from Esther McCoy. Five California Architects. p149-150.


MAK Center for Art and Architecture L.A.
R.M. Schindler Studio and Residence
835 North Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069-5409

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