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Nichinan Cultural Center
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Architect Kenzo Tange
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Location Nichinan, Japan
Date 1963   timeline
Building Type cultural center
 Construction System reinforced concrete
Climate humid subtropical
Context urban
Style Modern
Notes Aggressive, angular concrete masses composed to restfulness.




Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Discussion Nichinan Cultural Center Commentary

"The oblique volumes interpenetrate each other, creating a formal composition unique in its class. The auditorium rising up diagonally, is the key module on which, with certain variations, the rest of the buildings are based. Together, the exterior and interior spaces create an indivisible architectural whole. The area intended for large gatherings is preceded by a vestibule and other halls which can be used for a variety of purposes. Interior and exterior surfaces alike are of concrete. The slightly curving forms of the openings, the projecting ventilation shafts and guttering all serve to strengthen the play of volumetrics and the geometric character of the complex."

—Udo Kultermann. Kenzo Tange: Works and Projects. p170.

The Creator's Words

"Architecture always should be a reflection or expression of social structure...This structure should not be considered static, but dynamic—always advancing forward from the past to the future...This advancing social structure has some kind of energy inside, otherwise it cannot move itself. I think this energy is hidden or sleeping in the peoples' bodies and minds but they do not recognize this energy in themselves. So we have to give the image to the peoples' desires. In order to find new solutions to satisfy the peoples' desires or energy, I myself, and other younger generations in our country are striving to overcome our traditional weakness and so-called modernism, by trying to create new spaces and forms more suitable to their energy. This energy, it may be called vitality."

—Kenzo Tange. form Udo Kultermann, ed. Kenzo Tange: 1946-1969 Architecture and Urban Design. p9.

Sources on Nichinan Cultural Center

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