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PA Technology Center UK
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Architect Richard Rogers
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Location Melbourn, Hertfordshire, England   map
Date 1975 to 1983   timeline
Building Type commercial laboratory, R & D center
 Construction System glazed and enameled panels over steel frame
Climate mild temperate
Context rural
Style High-Tech Modern
Notes A classic "ground-scraper", resting lightly despite the building's large extent.




Detail Drawing

Detail Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
Discussion PA Technology Center UK Commentary

"The design response resulted in single-storey suspended steel structure, rapidly erectable as a kit of parts of standard components pre-fabricated off site.

"The basic building concept is a central linear spine: this glazed arcade houses services, circulation and related activities. Open laboratory and office zones, as well as meeting rooms and administration facilities are located within 22.8m clear-span spaces to either side of the 8m wide by 80m long arcade.

"The sevices are centrally located in a bay by bay system, allowing for future growth without major alteration and disruption of work areas, services and plant rooms."

— Barbie Campbell Cole and Ruth Elias Rogers, ed. Richard Rogers + Partners. p45.

The Creator's Words

"Though a building must be complete at any one stage, it is our belief that in order to allow for growth and change it should be functionally and therefore visually open-ended. This indeterminate form must offer legible architectural clues for the interpretation of future users. The dichotomy between the complete and the open nature of the building is a determinant of the aesthetic language.We design each building so that it can be broken down into elements and sub-elements which are then hierarchically organised so as to give a clearly legible order. A vocabulary is thereby created in which each element expresses its process of manufacture, storage, erection and demountablitiy."

— Richard Rogers. from Barbie Campbell Cole and Ruth Elias Rogers, ed. Richard Rogers + Partners. p12.

Sources on PA Technology Center UK

Frank Russell, ed. Architectural Monographs: Richard Rogers + Architects. London, New York: Academic Editions, 1985. Color photo of double-height reception area, f1, p50. photo of phase 1 and 2 with double height reception, f1, p48. photo of double-height reception area, f1, p50.

Kevin Matthews. The Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM. Artifice, 2001. ISBN 0-9667098-4-5.—



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