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Architect Le Corbusier
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Location Brussels, Belgium   map
Date 1958   timeline
Building Type exhibition hall
 Construction System tensile
Climate temperate
Context exposition site
Style Modern
Notes Multimedia tent with soaring shape. World Exposition in Brussels, 1958.


Discussion Philips Pavilion Commentary

"The structure is composed of hyperbolic-paraboloid shells which, up to now, have not been used for the problems of the type. The walls are constructed of rough slabs cast in sand moulds on the ground, measuring about 5'-0" on a side and 2" in thickness. They are mounted in place by means of a movable scaffolding and are supported by a double network of cables, 3" in diameter, suspended along the cylindrical directrices of strongly reinforced concrete. Such is the principal of the structure.

"The electronic poem of Le Corbusier at the Philips Pavilion marks the first appearance of a new art form; 'The Electronic Games', a synthesis unlimited in its possibilities for color, imagery, music, words and rhythm."

— Hans Girsberger, ed. Le Corbusier 1910-60. p236.

Sources on Philips Pavilion

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