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Temple of Hephaestus
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Architect unknown
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Location Athens, Greece   map
Date -449   timeline
Building Type temple
 Construction System bearing masonry, cut stone
Climate mediterranean
Style Ancient Greek Doric
Notes Also known as The Theseion. relatively complete.


Photo, exterior.

Photo, exterior.


Elevation Drawing



Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing

Elevation Drawing

Section Drawing

Site Plan Drawing


Discussion Temple of Hephaestus Commentary

"The Temple of Hephaestus ('Theseion'), Athens, begun 449 BC, is very well-preserved externally. It was converted into a church by the Byzantine Greeks who, however, gutted the naos, constructed an apse at the east end and gave the temple its present concrete vault. The plan has a distinctive arrangement, the east porch being aligned with the third columns on the flanks. As in the Parthenon, over the porch the Doric frieze is replaced by a continuous Ionic frieze. The architrave, more suitably, has a continuous moulding at the top, rather than regulae and guttae. The building is almost wholly of Pentelic marble, except the lowest of the three steps, which is limestone."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. p131.

Sources on Temple of Hephaestus

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