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Image Contribution to Artifice Images and kingatl.com

Worldwide sharing of architectural information at kingatl.com is made possible by the generous contributions of photographs and drawings by their creators around the world.

Please use this form to submit images of Great Buildings buildings to , a division of for consideration for publication. For all other buildings, please use the to submit images to Artifice Images collection.

You can only contribute images for which you own the copyright. In most cases, the creator of the image, the photographer, owns the copyright for an image.

When a submitted image is accepted for publication, the contributor is credited by name, with a link to the web site URL listed (if any). Our royalty-sharing opportunity is described below.

For specific questions and help with contributing images, please contact us by email to "rights@artifice.com". For general information on contributing to kingatl.com, please see our general Contributing page.

  Contributor Information
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  Image File
  Select the image file on your hard disk to be contributed.

The image should be in maximum quality JPEG format, with a minimum short image dimension of 700 pixels, and a maximum short side dimension of 4000 pixels.

Please use only standard English language (ASCII) characters and numerals in the image file name, with no spaces, and only "_", "-", or "." for punctuation.   Example:  eiffel_tower_from_s_01.jpg

  Image Data
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Image Description:
  Necessary Legal Stuff
  Copyright Certification and License to Artifice

Artifice, Inc. and Kevin Matthews shall have a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide license to publish this image on the World Wide Web at kingatl.com, ArchitectureWeek.com, and any other web sites owned by Artifice, Inc., as well as in the Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM by Kevin Matthews. The image may be published at different resolutions, exposures, sizes, and croppings. I authorize placement of a text imprint on the image, such as "kingatl.com Image," for the purpose of deterring piracy.

By submitting this form, I warrant that I have the legal right to grant Artifice, Inc. and to Kevin Matthews the assignment set out in of this agreement and that such assignment does not infringe any third parties rights.

I further warrant that there are no pending lawsuits concerning any aspect of the copyright and that the copyright has not been published in such a way as to lose any of its copyright protection.

In consideration of the rights assigned herein, Artifice, Inc. and Kevin Matthews warrant that for each publication of the image, appropriate and full credit will appear adjacent to the displayed image, except for thumbnail images and when an authorized third-party licensing agreement requires otherwise.

This Agreement is freely assignable by both parties. This Agreement is binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the legal successors and assigns of the parties.


  Image Licensing Option

Most images displayed at kingatl.com are made available for licensing to third parties as architectural stock photography. The photographers of these images have elected to authorize Artifice to act as their licensing agent for these images. Artifice Images/kingatl.com contributing photographers who choose to participate in third party licensing receive 50% of the licensing income for their contributed images.

For this contributed image, I choose this option for licensing to third parties:

For this contributed image, I choose this option for any licensing royalty fees that Artifice collects:


  Confirm and Submit
By clicking the Submit button below, I confirm that I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions, and that the information I am submitting is truthful and accurate.

After clicking this button, your image will upload. This may take up to several minutes or more, depending on the image file size and the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient!
In case of difficulty, please contact Artifice Images at "rights@artifice.com".

  Thank you!

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