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Albrecht Durer House, by unknown, at Nurnberg, Germany, circa 1500.

Appenzell Farm, by traditional, at Canton Appenzell, Switzerland, --.

Arkontika, by Vernacular, at Northern Greece, Balkans, village, small town.

Ball-Eastaway House - Artists' House in N. Sydney, by Glenn Murcutt, at North Sydney, Australia, 1982 to 1983.

Bloemenwerf House, by Henry van de Velde, at Uccle, near Brussels, Belgium, 1895 to 1896.

Brownstone House, by Vernacular, at New York, New York, late 1800 's.

Chermayeff House, by Serge Chermayeff, at near Halland, Sussex, England, 1935 to 1938..

Chinese Junk, by Traditional, at China, --.

Coffee House on the Bosporus, by Sedad Eldem, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1948.

Danish Vernacular House, by Vernacular, at Denmark, --.

Danville Meeting House, by unknown, at Danville, New Hampshire, 1760.

Drayton Hall, by unknown, at near Charleston, South Carolina, 1738 to 1742.

English Hall House, by Vernacular, at England, 1200 to 1800.

Fairbanks House, by Vernacular, at Dedham, Massachusetts, 1750 (circa).

Galde House, by Vernacular, at Indonesia, --.

Globe Theater, by unknown, at Southwark, London, England, UK, 1599 to 1614.

Goetheanum I, by Rudolf Steiner, at Dornach, near Basel, Switzerland, 1913 to 1920.

Greek Island House, by Vernacular, at Aegean Islands, Greece, -3000 to 2000.

Hamar Bispegaard Museum, by Sverre Fehn, at Hamar, Norway, 1969 to 1973.

Horyu-Ji Temple, by unknown, at Nara, Japan, 607.

Hvittrask, by Eliel Saarinen, at outside Helsinki, Finland, 1902.

Imperial Palace, Kyoto, by unknown, at Kyoto, Japan, 750 to 1855.

Imperial Villa Katsura, by Kobori Enshu, at Kyoto, Japan, 1620 (circa).

Ise Shrine, by traditional, at Ise, Japan, 690 to current, 1997.

John Whipple House, by unknown, at Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1677 to 1720.

Khuner Villa, by Adolf Loos, at on the Kreuzberg, Payerback, Austria, 1930.

Kinkaku, by Yoshimitsu, at Kyoto, Japan, 1397.

Lavenham Houses, by unknown, at Lavenham, Suffolk, England, 1400 's.

Little Moreton Hall, by unknown, at Cheshire, England, ~ 1550.

London Terraced House, by Vernacular, at London, England, 1600 's to 1900.

Maybeck Studio, by Bernard Maybeck, at Berkeley, California, 1924.

Merrist Wood, by Richard Norman Shaw, at England, 1876.

Miulea House, by Vernacular, at Japan, --.

Mount Vernon, by Lawrence and George Washington, at Mount Vernon, Virginia, 1743, remodeled 1754 to circa 1780.

Norwegian Farmhouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Norwegian Stave Church, by Vernacular, at Oslo, Norway, --.

Norwegian Storehouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Ocean Beach People's Organic Foods Market, by Hanna Gabriel Wells, at Ocean Beach, California, 1999 to 2002.

Otaniemi Technical University Chapel, by Heikki and Kaija Siren, at Otaniemi, Finland, 1957.

Parson Capen House, by Vernacular, at Topsfield, Massachusetts, 1683.

Rothbury Winery, by Keith Cottier, at Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia, 1972.

Saint Paul's Cathedral, by Sir Christopher Wren, at London, England, United Kingdom, 1675 to 1710.

Samuel Whitman House, by Vernacular, at Farmington, Connecticut, 1664.

San Francisco de Asis, by unknown, at Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, 1772 to 1816.

San Stefano Rotondo, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 468 to 483.

Sea Ranch Condominium, by MLTW, at Sea Ranch, California, 1964 to 1965.

Shaker Barn, by unknown, at Eastern United States, 1865.

Silver Lake Lodge, by Joseph Esherick, at Deer Valley, Utah, 1982.

St. Louis des Invalides, by Jules Hardouin Mansart, at Paris, France, 1676 to 1691.

St. Mark's, by unknown, at Venice, Italy, circa 1050.

Stickley House, by Gustav Stickley, at Morris Plains, NJ, 1908.

Student Center, Wellesley, by Donald Gellespie, at Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1969.

Taihe Dian, by unknown, at Beijing, The Forbidden City, China, 1406 to 1430.

Taliesin West, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Scottsdale, Arizona, 1937 onward.

The Hoodo, by Fujiwara Yorimichi, at Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, consecrated 1053.

Thomas Larkin House, by unknown, at Monterey, California, 1834.

Timberline Lodge, by W. I. Turner, Howard Griffin, Dean Wright, Linn A. Forrest, Ward Ganno, at Mount Hood, Oregon, 1936 to 1938.

Torii of Itsukushima, by unknown, at Miyajima Island, Japan,  .

Trenton Bath House, by Louis I. Kahn, at Trenton, New Jersey, 1954 to 1959.

Tuscan Farmhouse, by Vernacular, at Tuscany, Italy, --.

Unitarian Church, by A. C. Schweinfurth, at Berkeley, California, 1898.

Urner Boden, by traditional, at Urner Boden, Switzerland,  .

Viking Fortress, by unknown, at Sjaelland, Denmark, 1000.

W. Watts Sherman House, by Henry Hobson Richardson, at Newport, Rhode Island, 1874 to 1875.

Wells College Library, by Walter Netsch/ SOM, at Aurora, New York, 1968.

Westminster Hall, by unknown, at London, England, United Kingdom, 1397 to 1399.

Wyntoon, by Julia Morgan, at near Mount Shasta, California, 1924 to 1943.

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