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Architecture from 700 to 1199
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Aachen Cathedral, by unknown, at Aachen, Germany , 792 to 805.

Abbey of Pomposa, by unknown, at near Ferrara, Italy, 800 to 1100.

Albrecht Durer House, by unknown, at Nurnberg, Germany, circa 1500.

Angkor Wat, by unknown, at Cambodia, Southeast Asia, 1140.

Barcelona Pavilion, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, at Barcelona, Spain, built 1928-1929, demolished 1930.

Bromserburg, by unknown, at Rudesheim, Germany, 1000 to 1050.

Capitol of Aksum, by unknown, at Aksum, Ethiopia , 0 to 1250.

Castlegar House, by Richard Morrison, at Castlegar West, County Galway, Ireland, circa 1801.

Cathedral of Pisa, by unknown, at Pisa, Italy, 1063 to 1350.

Cathedral of San Salvador, by unknown, at Avila, Spain, 1091.

Chartres Cathedral, by unknown, at Chartres, France, 1194 to 1260.

Chateau de Fontainebleau, by unknown, at Fontainebleau, France, ~ 1550.

Churches of Lalibela, by unknown, at Lalibela, Ethiopia , circa 1250.

Dogon Village, by traditional, at Mali, Africa, 0 to 1998.

Dover Castle, by unknown, at Dover, England, 1180.

Durham Cathedral, by unknown, at Durham, England, 1093 to 1280.

Fasil Ghebbi, by unknown, at Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region, Ethiopia , circa 1500 to 1700.

Fontenay Abbey, by unknown, at Burgundy, France, 1139.

Fontevrault Abbey, by unknown, at Anjou, France, 1110 to 1119.

Fuji Broadcasting Center, by Kenzo Tange, at Tokyo, Japan, circa 1990.

Great Mosque, by unknown, at Kairawan, Tunisia, 820 to 836.

Great Mosque of Damascus, by unknown, at Damascus, Syria, 706 to 715.

Greek Island House, by Vernacular, at Aegean Islands, Greece, -3000 to 2000.

Ibibio Village, by traditional, at Cameroon, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Imperial Palace, Kyoto, by unknown, at Kyoto, Japan, 750 to 1855.

Ise Shrine, by traditional, at Ise, Japan, 690 to current, 1997.

Kailasa Temple, by unknown, at Ellora, Maharashtra, India, 750.

Kandariya Temple, by unknown, at Khajuraho, India, 1030.

Krak des Chevaliers, by unknown, at Syria, 1150 to 1250.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, by unknown, at Pisa, Italy, 1063 to 1350.

Lingaraj Temple, by unknown, at Bhubaneswar, India, 1000.

Little Moreton Hall, by unknown, at Cheshire, England, ~ 1550.

Maasai Houses, by traditional, at Kenya, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Machu Picchu, by unknown, at near Cuzco, Peru, through 1500.

Moissac Abbey, by unknown, at Tarn-et-Garonne, France, circa 650 to 850.

Monastery in Gracanica, by unknown, at Gracanica, Serbia, circa 1350.

Monte Alban Complex, by unknown, at Monte Alban, Mexico, 100 to 800.

Mosque of Al Mutawakkil, by unknown, at Samarra, Iraq, 847 to 851.

National Building Museum, by Montgomery C. Meigs, at Washington, D.C., circa 1885.

National Pensions Building, by Alvar Aalto, at Helsinki, Finland, competition 1949, built 1952.

Notre Dame Cathedral, by Maurice de Sully, at Paris, France, 1163 to 1250.

Osterlars Church, by unknown, at Bornholm Island, Denmark, circa 1100.

Palais de Justice, by unknown, at Rouen, France, circa 1470.

Positano, by traditional, at Amalfi Coast, Italy, -600 to 1990.

San Miguel, by unknown, at Escalada, near Leon, Spain, 913.

San Zeno Maggiore, by unknown, at Verona, Italy, 1120 to 1138.

Shore Temple, by unknown, at India, 750.

St. Front at Perigueux, by unknown, at Perigueux, France, circa 1100.

St. Mark's, by unknown, at Venice, Italy, circa 1050.

St. Philibert, by unknown, at Tournus, France, 950 to 1120.

Ste.-Foy at Conques, by unknown, at Conques, France, 1050 to 1120.

Street in Siena, by unknown, at Siena, Italy, 1100 to 1300.

Temple of Brahmeswara, by unknown, at Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India, 880.

Teotihuacan, by unknown, at Teotihuacan, Mexico, 200 to 800.

The Albert Dock, by Jesse Hartley, at Liverpool, England, opened 1845.

The Alcazar, by unknown, at Segovia, near Madrid, Spain, 1000 or 1410 to 1455.

The Hoodo, by Fujiwara Yorimichi, at Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, consecrated 1053.

The Palatine Chapel, by unknown, at Aachen, Germany, 796 to 814.

The Selimiye, by Sinan, at Edirne, Turkey, begun 1569.

Tikal, by unknown, at Tikal, Guatemala, 200 to 800.

Tower of London, by unknown, at London, England, 1070 to 1090.

Trumbull Public Library, by A. J. Palmieri, at Trumbull, Connecticut, circa 1970.

Uxmal, by unknown, at Uxmal, Mexico, 800 to 1400.

Viking Fortress, by unknown, at Sjaelland, Denmark, 1000.

Waldspirale, by Friedensreich Hundertwassser, at Darmstadt, Germany, circa 1990 to 2000.

Walls of Carcassonne, by unknown, at Carcassonne, France, ~ 1150.

Wellesley Fire Station, by Schwartz/Silver, at Wellesley, Massachusetts, circa 1980.

Wells Cathedral, by unknown, at Wells, England, United Kingdom, 1180 to 1425.

Westminster Abbey, by unknown, at London, England, UK, 1045 to circa 1400.

Zulu Kraal, by traditional, at South Africa, 0 to 2000.

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