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Early Modern Architecture
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A. E. G. High Tension Factory, by Peter Behrens, at Berlin, Germany, 1910.

Aalsmeer House, by Bijvoet and Duiker, at Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, 1924.

Airship Hangers, by Eugene Freyssinet, at Orly, near Paris, France, 1916 to 1923.

Breslau Office Building, by Hans Poelzig, at Breslau, Germany - now Wroclaw, Poland, 1911 to 1912.

Centennial Hall, by Max Berg, at Breslau, Poland, 1911 to 1912.

Commodities Exchange, by Hendrik Petrus Berlage, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1897 to 1909.

Daal en Berg Houses, by Jan Wils, at Den Haag, The Netherlands, 1920.

Dodge House, by Irving Gill, at Los Angeles, 1916.

Einstein Tower, by Erich Mendelsohn, at near Potsdam, Germany, 1919 to 1921.

Fagus Works, by Walter Gropius, at Alfeld an der Leine, Germany, 1911 to 1913.

Finnish Pavilion, 1937, by Alvar Aalto, at Paris, France, 1935 to 1937.

Flatiron Building, by Daniel Burnham, at New York, New York, 1902.

Flats at Rue des Amiraux, by Henri Sauvage, at Paris, France, 1923 to 1925.

Goetheanum I, by Rudolf Steiner, at Dornach, near Basel, Switzerland, 1913 to 1920.

Hallidie Building, by Willis Polk, at San Francisco, California, 1918.

Horatio West Court, by Irving Gill, at Santa Monica, California, 1919.

Imperial Hotel, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Tokyo, Japan, 1916 to 1922.

Karl Marx Hof, by Karl Ehn, at Vienna, Austria, 1930.

Khuner Villa, by Adolf Loos, at on the Kreuzberg, Payerback, Austria, 1930.

Kiefhook Housing estate, by J. J. P. Oud, at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1930.

Larkin Building, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Buffalo, New York, 1904 , demolished 1950.

Le Parisien Offices, by G. P. Chedanne, at Paris, France, 1903.

Maison de Verre, by Bijvoet and Chareau, at Paris, France, 1927 to 1932.

National Farmers' Bank, by Louis H. Sullivan, at Owatonna, Minnesota, 1907 to 1908.

Notre Dame du Raincy, by Auguste Perret, at Raincy, France, 1922.

Ozenfant House and Studio, by Le Corbusier, at Paris, France, 1922.

Paimio Sanatorium, by Alvar Aalto, at Paimio, Finland, 1929 to 1933.

Post Office Savings Bank, by Otto Wagner, at Vienna, Austria, 1904 to 1912.

Rue Franklin Apartments, by Auguste Perret, at Paris, France, 1902 to 1904.

Rufer House, by Adolf Loos, at Vienna, Austria, 1922.

Schlesinger and Mayer Department Store, by Louis H. Sullivan, at Chicago, Illinois, 1899 to 1904.

Schroder House, by Gerrit Rietveld, at Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1924 to 1925.

St. Paul's Church, by Louis H. Sullivan, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1910 to 1914.

Steiner House, by Adolf Loos, at Vienna, Austria, 1910.

Stoclet Palace, by Josef Hoffmann, at Brussels, or Bruxelles, Belgium, 1905 to 1911.

Storer Residence, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Los Angeles, California, 1923.

Turku Cemetery Chapel, by Erik Bryggman, at Turku, Finland, 1939 to 1941.

Unity Temple, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Oak Park, Illinois, 1906.

Villa at Huis ter Heide, by Robert van't Hoff, at near Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1916.

Wainwright Building, by Louis H. Sullivan, at St. Louis, Missouri, 1890 to 1891.

Arena Building, by Lars Sonck, at Helsinki, Finland, 1923 to 1935.

Worker's Club, by Alvar Aalto, at Jyvaskyla, Finland, 1924.

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